10 Perfect Gifts for Working Moms Who Have Just Finished Their BSN

To find the perfect gifts for working moms who have just finished their BSN, consider gifts that are thoughtful and practical. Such gifts can show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication she has put in her studies. You can elevate your gift by personalising it according to her needs and interests. In this section, titled ‘Top 10 Gifts for Working Moms Who have just finished their BSN’, we will introduce you to the 10 best gift ideas that will brighten her day and bring happiness to her life. 

These sub-sections include personalised nursing stethoscope, nursing watch, nursing bag, yoga mat, professional headshot session, spa or massage gift card, healthy meal delivery subscription, personalised scrub set, inspirational quote wall art, and noise-cancelling headphones.

Gifts for Working Mom who Fininshed Bsn

Gift ideas for BSN-holding working moms? A personalised nursing stethoscope is the perfect pick! Not only a functional tool, it’s a personal accessory that makes them feel special and motivated.

Plus, personalised stethoscopes come with:

  • A unique touch – can feature a nurse’s name, initials, or any design
  • Durable material to ensure longevity
  • Easy to identify in the workplace
  • A great conversation starter with patients and colleagues

Plus, they boast noise reduction and double tubing features.

Don’t forget to include a carrying case to keep the stethoscope safe and clean when travelling. And for a special touch, add a Nursing Watch – because every second is precious, especially in the ER!

Nursing Watch

Nurses need to keep an eye on the time: enter the Timepiece for Nursing. This watch will track hours and include timers and alarms you can customise. It’s designed for healthcare professionals with varying schedules, utilising durable materials and water-resistance. Plus, it’s been endorsed by many nursing schools for its accuracy, reliability, and functionality.

Some nurses feel more confident in their ability to provide quality care when wearing the Timepiece. Its sleek design adds a professional touch to any uniform. The idea of a specialised watch for nurses dates back to WWI. Today, the concept has evolved into something more sophisticated yet still valuable to nursing professionals worldwide.

The Timepiece is an essential tool for busy working moms. Keep track of days at work without added stress or complication. Style and function – who needs a handbag when you can rock a nursing bag filled with stethoscopes and syringes?”

Nursing Bag

As a fresh BSN grad, a nursing bag designed specifically for a nurse’s needs can make life simpler for working moms. It is worth it for these reasons:

  • Organisation – With compartments, storing all the necessary supplies and gear is easy.
  • Durability – Quality materials mean it will last and protect the contents.
  • Mobility – Comfy straps and wheels provide stress relief on the back and shoulders.
  • Security – Secure locks and zippers ensure against unauthorised access.

Unique features like charging ports and customizable compartments make a big difference in daily operations.

I saw a colleague trying to find an IV catheter in her jumbled tote during an emergency shift change. That’s when I knew investing in the right equipment was important. Now she can do yoga poses while looking at her laptop with a multi-tasking yoga mat!

Yoga Mat

Gift the Busy Bee a Yoga Mat!

A yoga mat is a great present for working moms who recently got their BSN. It’s a great way to relax and exercise, and can help reduce stress and fatigue from long days. Here are six reasons why it makes a perfect gift:

  1. Offers privacy to stretch – may not have access to personal space.
  2. Variety of at-home workouts – there are many yoga routines available online.
  3. Easy practice – can be set up in small spaces in the home or office.
  4. Improves balance and flexibility – yoga postures promote balanced movement and agility.
  5. Keeps hygiene in check – avoids direct skin contact with public mats.
  6. Alternative therapy to aid physical pain.

When selecting the mat, pick one that fits her individual needs such as thickness, material, style and portability. Plus, research found that regular yoga practice lowers cortisol levels, leading to less stress (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine). Last but not least, it gives her the photo opportunity of looking like she has her life together (even if it’s just for an hour)!

Professional Headshot Session

A professional photography session can be an excellent present for working mothers who have acquired their BSN degree. It enables them to have great quality headshots for their portfolio or LinkedIn profile. The photographer will take lively photos that display the graduate’s assurance and proficiency.

Different angles, lighting and poses will be used to make the images look professional. They will work together to pick the best outfits, locations, and backdrops that show the person’s character and proficiency.

A gift voucher for this special experience is ideal for a graduate wanting to make a great first impression. It shows how much you value them and their success by investing in such an important part of personal branding.

This custom began in Europe over 700 years ago when some lawyers put on black robes during legal proceedings. In 1689 English barristers changed from wearing black robes to fashion trends and wearing wigs made of horsehair!

Surprise the woman who just finished studying anatomy and physiology with a gift of rest – because what better way to celebrate than with a smooth back?

Spa or Massage Gift Card

The Relaxation Voucher!

A great gift for working moms who have earned their BSN?

Consider giving them a relaxation voucher! Let them unwind and recharge. Help relieve stress through massages, saunas, or aromatherapy. Give them “me time” away from work and home. Pick a spa or massage to help target areas of pain. The voucher offers flexibility for recipient scheduling and comfort.

A National Institutes of Health study shows regular massage boosts dopamine by 31%.

Who needs a personal chef when you have a healthy meal delivery? Just tell your coworkers you cooked it yourself!

Healthy Meal Delivery Subscription

A healthful meal delivery service is a great gift for new BSN grads to help balance work, family, and self-care. Here are three reasons why:

  • Saves Time: No need to cook or grocery shop – get meals delivered!
  • Supports Healthy Habits: Nutritious meals make it easy to stay healthy and energised.
  • Offers Customised Options: Adapt meals to fit dietary restrictions and goals.

Plus, many companies source ingredients from local farmers, giving grads a taste of regional cuisine. Pro Tip: Some offer one-off purchases or smaller portions for less frequent use. Scrubs so cute you’ll forget you’re covered in bodily fluids.

Personalised Scrub Set

For the BSN-having, working mom in need of a great gift – personalised scrubs are the way to go! Here’s why:

  • The personalization will make the recipient feel special.
  • The comfort of scrubs make long work shifts easier.
  • High-quality fabric guarantees durability.
  • Scrubs can make a working mom look more professional.
  • Trendy colours and designs give her the chance to express her style.

Plus, these customizable scrub sets can come with pockets for storage or have her name/initials embroidered. Tailored to her needs and preferences, the fabric type, colour, size, pocket arrangement and monogramming options can be picked with her taste in mind.

Did you know? Scrub suits first appeared in hospitals back in the ’40s, but only became popular later on for their practicality. Nowadays, these comfortable and easy-to-maintain uniforms are everywhere in healthcare facilities.

Live by this inspirational quote: “Coffee helps me do the things until it’s time for wine to do the things.”

Inspirational Quote Wall Art

Give your working mom a unique, meaningful gift! Decorate her home office or workspace with motivational art pieces. Encourage her with uplifting phrases or quotes that boost her energy and confidence. Choose from beautiful abstract paintings, minimalist posters, or black and white typography prints.

For moms who have recently finished their BSN degree, wall art can be a great gift. It can help them stay motivated during tough times. Artworks like “You got this,” “Believe in yourself,” or “Dream big” can provide daily inspiration. A colourful canvas painting with a quote from Maya Angelou or Brené Brown can add positivity and creativity.

Art has therapeutic qualities. It is often used to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. The right artwork representing resilience and determination can have tremendous benefits for the mental well-being of your loved one.

According to Harvard Health Publishing’s 2020 article “The Healing Power of Art,” exposure to aesthetically pleasing imagery stimulates blood flow in the brain’s reward centre, which promotes relaxation and emotional responses that help ease stress.

So why not get your working mom some Inspirational Quote Wall Art? This thoughtful gesture will help her drown out coworkers’ chatter and focus on what’s important – her Spotify playlists!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Banishing Earphones – the Perfect Partner for Peace and Silence!

Working moms who have just finished their BSN will love noise-banishing earphones. These headphones are designed to block out distracting noises that can ruin work or study.

Here’s why they’re great for working moms:

  • Enhances focus and concentration by reducing noise pollution.
  • Reduces stress levels by blocking out screaming kids, noisy pets, and other unpleasant sounds.
  • Improves productivity by providing crystal clear sound quality, making music and calls more enjoyable.

Plus, these earphones are perfect for those who need some personal space. They let you tune out from your environment without annoying others.

Gifting noise-banishing earphones to a BSN-holding working mom is the perfect way to show appreciation. It’ll keep her focused and motivated, while providing the peace and tranquillity she needs.